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Original Website Closed

Author: Moonrakre Posted at 03/13/2015 - 09:03 AM

It appears that Fernando has now ceased support of LNE and the original website is now for sale.

Current users of the later versions of LNE need to modify the Admin template to remove the iframe or you will not be to use the administration option.

As usual, please let me know of any issues.

LightNEasy comes in 2 versions

You are welcome to visit our test sites and experiment with LightNEasy.

LightNEasy SQLite test site

LightNEasy no database test site


The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

Light, Simple, Practical


Clone of The LightNEasy website

copyright Fernando Baptista

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This is a copy of the LightNeasy website in case anything happens to Fernando. Don't expect anything to work properly, although you can download some items in the download section. All the work here is copyright of Fernando and the original website was at
If you wish to contact the owner of this site please email moonrakre at this domain.

If you want to experiment with LightNEasy, please go to the LightNEasy demo sites: MySQL version and No database version.

LightNEasy is a simple to use Content Management System(*) that will allow you to make a website literally in minutes.

If you need a system for either deploying a personal website with half a dozen pages or for quickly deploying a client site, LightNEasy is the simplest and most intuitive solution you will find.

LightNEasy uses an incredibly simple template system: take a normal HTML page, replace the content with a few markers, rename the page to template.php, and you're done!

Since LightNEasy is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, you can quickly build sites for your clients. Then, with a minimal amount of instruction, you can empower your clients to easily manage their own sites themselves.

If you are a developer, it is extremely simple to add code to LightNEasy using a few built-in markers.

Search Engine Friendly

What sets LightNEasy appart from other CMSs is its generate function. After you have added/removed pages, generate will create a single file for each page of your website. This way, instead of getting a url to a page like index.php?id=23, you will get a url with the page name of that simgle page. Each page will have its own name, description, tags. You can't be more SEO friendly than that.

LightNEasy was made so that it will run on virtually any web host that supports PHP.

Completely template driven

Create your complete website layout by simply converting any HTML page into a LightNEasy template.

It is very easy to convert any html page to a LightNEasy template: Just rename it into template.php, its CSS to style.css and insert into your templates special markers to tell LightNEasy where to put your content.

Then, put the folder with template.php, style.css and its images folder with your template images inside the "templates" folder. And you are ready to rock!

Two versions

Since most of the websites in the web are simple, half a dozen pages, personal websites, LightNEasy Mini was created.

What is difference between LightNEasy and LightNEasy Mini?

  • Mini uses no database
  • Unlike its brother, Mini is single user. The webmaster can do everything, noone else can
  • Mini will become slower and heavier on RAM as the number of pages increases, so is not recommended if your site has more than 50 pages.
  • Some addons are simplified
  • A very small footprint WYSIWYG editor


LightNEasy includes a set of addons for the most common needs:

  • News/blog
  • Image Galleries
  • Downloads
  • Uploads
  • Links
  • Contact Form
  • Play mp3 files
  • Survey
  • etc.


LightNEasy includes a powerful plugin system that will allow any developper to add anything he wants.

(*)A content management system is a software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site. Content can be pages with text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage.


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